Cotswold Edge Sixth Form

CPLD - December 2020

CPLD Year 12 - Call the Midwife (comes to Brimsham)

Year 12 students were able to meet Sheena who trained as a midwife, working in that role for over 40 years. Having worked all over the world her career culminated as a Midwife Lecturer at UWE before retiring in 2019. One of the reasons for inviting Sheena to Brimsham was to tap her expertise as she was involved in the selection panel for midwifery students. The advice given was really insightful for the application process.

Sheena was also able to speak about her experience when working for the professional body, The Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) approving Midwifery Curriculums and monitoring of hospitals and universities to ensure they met NMC educational requirements. In addition, she gained a Law degree where she continues to work with the NMC as a panelist for Registration Appeals.

From a teacher’s perspective it was a highly aspirational talk that challenged students to aim high to achieve their dream jobs.  Students’ feedback was really positive and they said they found her experiences informative and insightful.

Thank you Sheena for your time, experience and encouragement to our students, I think you have recruited the next generation of midwives!



 CPLD - Year 13 First Aid


Thanks to the Wiltshire Ambulance for teaching Y13 CPLD students how to keep children safe and to save lives! Sharon, the paramedic first responder, came to Brimsham Green School to teach students CPR, how to use the defibrillator, how to deal with choking, burns and scolds, bleeding and wounds among other things.  Her experiences really brought the session to life and emphasised the importance of learning these skills to keep children healthy, safe and secure.