Cotswold Edge Sixth Form


Hello and Welcome to Cotswold Edge

Cotswold Edge Sixth Form is a long standing partnership between Brimsham Green School, Chipping Sodbury School and Yate Academy, offering excellent local post-16 provision for the young people of our community. 

Here, we are sure you will find all the information you need, whether you are a current student, prospective student or parent.

Why Choose Cotswold Edge Sixth Form?

Across the three schools of Cotswold Edge, we pride ourselves on offering our students the best possible environment to achieve academic success and develop as confident, forward thinking, independent young people. With our commitment to delivering a progressive curriculum and a focus on the highest quality teaching, you will be challenged yet supported to thrive as a learner.

Cotswold Edge students have a history of gaining excellent qualifications that allow them to take the next steps towards universities and higher level apprenticeships, and we are equally proud of the tremendous personal development journey they each accomplish. With a proven track record of providing excellent personalised support for all students, we at Cotswold Edge care deeply about the academic, social and emotional needs of our students and have highly experienced staff on all three sites dedicated to student welfare.

At our schools, we share a joint program of ‘Post-16 mindset training’, which underpins our commitment to developing the positive behaviours, habits and attitudes that lead to successful, exciting outcomes for all our students irrespective of your prior attainment or personal targets.

With our high-aspiration approach to learning and personal development, as a student at Cotswold Edge you will be able to take advantage of a wide range of enrichment activities, careers advice and UCAS support. Alongside our strong links to local businesses and apprenticeship providers, we offer a range of opportunities for students to take part in extra-curricular programs such as Access to Bristol, Exeter Scholars and Pathways to Law that will enable you to engage with local universities and prepare you for a future in higher education.